Cosy Crochet with an added SNUGGLE…..

The CAL Crochet A Long Test Team had the privilege of testing all 15 designs included in the Cosy Crochet Blankets to Snuggle Under book by Ana Morais Soares publishes by Tuva Publishing and available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other book stores and online shopping sites.

In this book you will find 15 beautifully written patterns which include comprehensive step by step photographs and charts along with the written instruction, making these patterns easy to use from beginner to advanced crocheter. The very different structure of each design will keep you interested from cover to cover of this page turner.

Included is a section covering crochet stitch terminology and how the proper technique on how to work them, yarn information, crochet hook information, and what other materials you will need or could be helpful with your crochet journey through this selection of patterns.

Twinkling Stars is a true favorite of mine and is a pleasure to work.

Daigo-ji Garden is a lovely piece that can be brought along when needing a smaller project to work on with the textured squares and innovative join.

The other 13 blankets are a true collection of stitches that create the most amazing blankets…. all with the most stunning array of photographs to guide you along the way.

Sampler stripes……

To Tunisian Crochet….

To lace motifs….. that can take your mind off travel in the over crowded air port…..

To mosaic techniques and single crochet……

To Hexagons and beautiful joins…..

There is sure to be something in this book that you will place on your WIP list in the *MUST DO* column!

I am so extremely proud of the CAL – Crochet A Long Test Team and the Thank You that they received from Ana in her book….. what a lovely tribute to their hard work on her amazing designs.

Ana has been gracious enough as to thank our Team in her book. I want to make sure that our testers (who spent their own time, donated their yarn, and worked on 15 blankets) see this amazing *THANK YOU* and know how extremely grateful I am to them for their hard work and dedication on our testing team!!!!

Lynette & Tawnya & Mary & Tania & Stacey & Felicia & Caroline & Michele & Jane & Margaret & Silvana & Laurene

& Elaine (for her fabulous pieces created for the “virtual book tour”)

Each one of you is simply an amazing part of our team (and those who were not available to test this set of patterns – you are just as amazing!!!)

You are all TRULY AWESOME and words cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for CAL – Testing Team. You are my tribe and my people. And I cannot imagine our Testing Team without you!

So a final word or two….. if you are searching for your next crochet book….. then this book is one you will want to add to your collection. It’s an amazing piece from cover to cover.

Be sure to order your copy…. or grab one when you are able to get out to your local yarn store. This is one I will treasure on my bookshelf for years to come!

Until next time…..

Happy Crocheting,


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