FATW5 – Week 2 – Highland Sunburst

Week 2 is upon us and we find ourselves back in the UK again. Oh how time is flying by already!!!! The HIGHLAND SUNRISE square by Valerie Bracegirdle from the blog Agrarian Artisan (take a look…. there are some amazing things posted there). 

You can find Valerie at the following social media links and websites:

Blog: Agrarian Artisan

Ravelry: HERE 

LoveCrafts: HERE

Facebook: HERE

She also has an Instagram, but rarely uses it and suggests the other platforms first

And now for the part we have all been waiting for……

HIGHLAND SUNBURST by Valerie Bracegirdle

Week 2 Pattern link can be found:

Be sure to check back with us on Monday afternoon for the 3 extra rounds (read about those HERE if you are just joining us!)

Valerie has also designed several other squares for our previous FATW CALS:

And I, for one, cannot wait to see what Valerie designs for the NEXT FATW!!!

Until next time….

Happy Crocheting,


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