Jahanara Shawl Wrap – Week 5

Hard to believe we are already on the 5th week.  One more to go.  This week the shawl grows on each end, and you have the freedom to customize the length, depending on how you want to wrap it around yourself. Before you fasten off that last round, give it a try around your shoulders.  Keep in mind the last part will have a small border all around.  (Shhh, I didn’t tell you that). So, all but a small bit of your length will be coming from this part, now.

All of the testers’ shawls are splendid, sure to be sources of inspiration.  Just look at each of these beauties.

Tania Leis has again made videos for this part, right and left-handed. They are easy to follow along and will guide you in your own masterpiece.  Some helpful hints are also included.

Right handed:  YouTube Video Tutorial by Tania Leis (Right handed)

Left handed:  YouTube Video Tutorial by Tania Leis (Left handed)

Please continue to share your photos on our event page.

CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook Event

Week 5:  Ravelry Pattern

Be sure to check out all of Crochet Karma’s designs at  Crochet Karma




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