FATW5 – Week 3 – Angelique

This week we are please to have the amazing Helen Shrimpton from Crystals and Crochet with her square “Angelique“.

Helen has designed so many amazing things! Mandala Madness started the crochet community off on its CAL craze and she hasn’t stopped designing for us since. We are lucky to have her in the crochet community as she started off her adult career choice with a successful hairdressing business. Then she was off to a rewarding career with her business in healing and crystals…. and then, then she found her true calling: designing crochet patterns (and I know I for one am thankful that she decided to listen to her heart and follow that path!).

In 2015 Helen started designing, writing and sharing her patterns with the crochet community. You will see her designs posted in almost every single Facebook Crochet group that exists. Her designs range from a single square to cushions to ponchos to full sized in the round blankets. And each one is a true labor of love shown in each and every stitch. Her patterns provide lovely step by step instructions, photo tutorials and often videos to help with those pesky things we just don’t quite understand.

Helen recently launched a new website for her crochet business. The old one was perfect – but it just couldn’t grow any further with the demand that we crocheters placed on it! The wonderful part about this new website is that you can become a member and have all of your patterns stored in one place! Helen has written a very informative blog on the benefits of both her FREE membership and her PAID membership options. It includes all of the details on what the benefits are, where to find these things, how to use each feature (there are even some handy YouTube videos to explain a few of the features and how to proceed when using them), and why it is important to become a member of her website/crochet community. That article can be found HERE. And as an added bonus you can now choose the language you view the website in by clicking the little flag on the top right corner!!!

***** you may check out as a guest and not sign up for the membership. However the membership is free and will store your patterns for you….*****

Please do understand that you will need to become a FREE member to download the pattern for this week’s square….. so do have a look at the article by Helen if you haven’t already joined her website and find out all about the amazing benefits that she has made available to us.

Here is a quick little snippet of how to get your pattern:

  1. Be sure to choose the proper terms or language you want to download
  2. Add to Basket
  3. Proceed to Checkout
  4. Receive your receipt after entering your information
  5. Find your download links are directly below the “Thank you” and are also now available in your Dashboard of your member profile

And the best part is that you DO NOT have to enter your personal BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION if you are getting a FREE pattern!!! I know that is something that will be a question and a concern for many of our members here at CAL – Crochet A Long. Super easy and a great way to save all of Helen’s designs on one platform – and at a savings as there is no added cost from the “other” pattern storage websites. A huge thank you to Helen for thinking of these things and bringing the very best services to her crochet friends!!!!!

And now on to the fun part for today…. Angelique!!!! Week 3 of the Friends Around the World 5th Anniversary Crochet Along by CAL – Crochet A Long.

Pattern Link:

Angelique Square Pattern Link

Video by Helen Shrimpton:

Angelique Square YouTube Link

What a beautiful square this is in any color choice!!!

And now off to work on more of this amazing CAL for our members. Be back on Monday with the NEW document for the 3 extra rounds!!!!

Until next time…..

Happy Crocheting,


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