FATW5 – Week 5 – Miosotis

And Week 5 brings us back to Ana Morais Soares and Portugal, officially República Portuguesa. Portugal is one of many countries that has an abundance of myth and folklore dating back millennial. This week’s square is entitled Miosotis (Portuguese spelling), which is translated from Ancient Greek meaning “mouse’s ear“, as the foliage is said to resemble the tiny ears of mice for secrets to fall upon and never be revealed. Forget Me Not’s are often used as a symbol of remembrance and to commemorate fallen soldiers and Alzheimer’s patients.

Who doesn’t need a secret keeper square in their blanket????

And now the fun part!!!!

Pattern Link: 

Video Links:

And, of course, the 3 extra rounds will be posted on Monday!

For more designs and to follow what’s next to come….. you can find Ana at the following social media and websites:




oneskeinoflove blog

One Skein of Love website




And of course….. anywhere crochet books are sold for her absolutely stunning new hard cover book, Cosy Crochet Blankets to Snuggle Under.

Until next week with the next square……

Happy Crocheting,


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