FATW5 – WEEK 10 – Porohita, Tapawhā, Pīwakawaka

Porohita, Tapawhā, Pīwakawaka …… Week 10 of the FATW5 CAL takes us for a pit stop in “land of the long white cloud”……. perhaps better known as New Zealand (Aotearoa) …. for an amazing square created by Jenness Fulton of Nessie’s Notions. Jenness first taught herself to crochet in 2014 using YouTube videos and photo tutorials. She started making her own designs the following year creating amigurumi for her children and thankfully hasn’t stopped creating since!

If this is your first Friends Around the World CAL with us, then you have missed out on amazing design by Jenness in our previous CAL – Friends Around the World 3rd Anniversary CALPonga Tree was a stunning submission which represents the Silver Fern, an endemic species of medium-sized tree ferns, recognisable by the silver-white colour of the under-surface of mature fronds. It is a symbol commonly associated with the country by New Zealanders themselves and worldwide.

Porohita, Tapawhā, Pīwakawaka was inspired by a book that Jenness’ children loved reading at the moment she designed the square called Circle, Square, Moose by Kelly Bingham. Since the moose is not found in New Zealand, she decided to take the idea and add a New Zealand spin. In the Māori language (Te Reo Māori), there are several words that can mean circle, square and fantail – which are presumably regional dialects. Jenness chose porohita (circle), tapawhā (square) and pīwakawaka (fantail) as those are the definitions that she first learned for the given words.

The pīwakawaka is a native bird with a tail that fans out when it opens, hence the English name “fantail”. What an awesome way to share a part of one’s culture, background and love of country….. by including the information into the creation of a crochet pattern.

And now on to the important part…..


Porohita, Tapawhā, Pīwakawaka


And now….. on to some super exciting news! Jenness has graciously decided to co-host her Cars & Trucks CAL here with us at CAL – Crochet A Long and we are so excited to announce its release on June 22, 2020! Please do check out the blog article about this CAL which can be found HERE.

Jenness is the owner/designer/creator behind Nessie’s Notions and can be found on the social media platforms listed below:

Until next time…..

Happy Crocheting,



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