FATW5 – WEEK 12 – Seacrest

And here we are at Week 12! Silvana Albanese Tabacchi, the Crafty Nonna, for her second FATW5 square brings us Seacrest, a design inspired by the New Jersey shore, a place that is extremely dear to her heart where she spends time to relax and find peace and joy in life quite often.

And now on to the important part…..



(Translations for additional languages will be added as soon as possible – there is a slight delay….. but more are coming!)


And, as always, the 3 extra rounds will be posted on Monday……

And of course you can follow along with her crochet journeys on her Knitting and Crochet Facebook Group!!!

Until next week……

Happy Crocheting,


And don’t forget to follow Silvana’s FATW5 blanket in the group….. her work is absolutely SUPERB!

May you find peace and joy in each new day to come! 💗

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