FATW5 – Week 16 – It’s Complicated

Week 15 of #FATW5 brings us to the Netherlands and to the designers known as Haakplein….. Naomi Harreman and Jolanda Verschiere-den Toonder, with the mind blowing “It’s Complicated” square. This square has been previously released as a part of the Complications CAL 2019 and is one of the most complex squares of our #FATW5 CAL……

If you are not familiar with Haakplein, then there is an amazing world of crochet patterns and CAL’s awaiting you. If you are already a Haakplein fan (such as I am 😂), then you will know what an amazing design team this is and the you will know the quality of their patterns to be superb! If you are a “chart” user…. you will absolutely LOVE the patterns presented by these ladies!

They have designed a new CAL for 2020, TWISTED 2020, and you may find the information for that upcoming CAL HERE …. and oh my word!!!! What an amazing creation of twisted cables this CAL will be!

And then there are the previous CAL’s……

Nostalgia CAL 2018

Double Trouble CAL 2017

Mix and Match CAL 2016

And of course….. there are numerous other patterns available from these lovely ladies as well….. which you can find by scrolling down on the main page of their website HERE.

And they also have an online STORE which you can find HERE to order kits and supplies which often include the fabulous leather labels!

And now the IMPORTANT parts…. this week you will download the patterns from our blog again!




And then of course we can’t forget the Social Media:

Be sure to pop in next week for the second square presented by the amazing Haakplein! Unfortunately, I seem to have packed my square into a box for our move and didn’t have a photo done….. so my square photo will have to be posted later this month 😔.

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting,


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