#FATW5 – Week 19 – RUNWAY

Here we are at Week 19 of the #FATW5 CAL…… almost to the halfway point…… can you believe it already? Time is just flying by, for me anyway lol.

RUNWAY is our second square by Rachele Carmona of Cypress Textiles. Another stunning lace creation that will boggle your mind as you crochet the long chains and create the center or the square with only a few rounds of stitches!

And NOW…. the important part…..



And as for what’s happening on CypressTextiles.net

  • the VVCAL is on Week 19 with the first 3 rounds of the border and can be found HERE
  • You can read all about the LissMiss WIP and what’s to come with that design HERE

Last week’s square, EQUINOX, has brought us some amazing photos to our newsfeed. Don’t forget to share your progress photos….. those pictures of your completed project mean the world to designers as they know you have enjoyed their design!!! And the tiny heart on Ravelry shows you support of their FREE patterns and their love of the crochet craft and community. 💗

And of course, we can’t forget the Social Media:

Until next time…..

Happy Crocheting,



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