FATW5 – Week 20 – X SQUARE

FATW5 – X Square by Sarit Grinberg

FATW5 – Week 20 takes us to a new designer. Sarit Grinberg of Wool & Fun, who designed the beautiful Friendship Square as part of the FATW3 – Friends Around the World 3rd Anniversary CAL, has blessed us again with another one of her stunning designs for FATW5 …….. X Square.

FATW3 – Friendship Square by Sarit

This year’s design is created using the new c2c techniques that Sarit introduced to the crochet community with her 7 Part CAL – Massiel Shawl New Generation c2c CAL which was hosted in our Facebook Group from July to August of 2019….. if you haven’t seen it – GO HAVE A LOOK! It’s a elegant lacy collection of innovative c2c stitches that create much more then just the simple blocks that we use to create graph-ghans with.

Here is a bit about Sarit…..

My name is Sarit Grinberg, 44 years old, happily married to Yuval and mother of 4 wonderful children, 3 boys (age 13.5, 9, 4) and one princess daughter (age 11).

I graduated in Industrial Engineering, and also have a teaching certificate for Technology Education.

The technical and creative background have always been an important part of my life. It probably passed in my genes from a creative mother whose hands were always busy with handicraft, and a father who always dismantled every new thing that came into the house and then put it back together, and always knew how to do/build/fix anything.

I have been knitting and crocheting for pleasure since I was 12 years old. Three years ago I fulfilled a dream – I opened a magical studio for knitting, crochet and craft.

In the studio I design, create, sell yarn, and teach many women and children .Inter alia , as my daughter is left handed and I taught her to crochet, I also specialize in teaching left handed.

Soon after opening the studio I discovered the wonderful world of Crochet-A-Long and fell in love with it, so it was very natural for me to design a first big  CAL in my country.

Simply create.


And now….. the important part…..


Video Links:

  • Right Handed Video
  • Left Handed Video – will be available within the next few days – technical difficulties have delayed its release. Our apologies.

And we cannot forget Social Media:

And of course if you haven’t already….. be sure to check out the Wool & Fun Blog so you can peek at all of the amazing designs that Sarit has!

Until next time……

Happy Crocheting,


and how about some tester photos????


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