DAPP – a week in review

I hope you enjoyed our first week of Daily Admin Pattern Pick (DAPP)! I know Aprille, Jo, Marjolein, Micki, Silvana, Tania and I had fun selecting fun and different patterns for you!

Below you will find all the patterns selected for the week of August 24th – August 31st.

Monday, August 24th-Laurene

Capsella Bag

Tuesday, August 25th-Aprille

Granny Square Bunny

Wednesday, August 26th-Marjolein

Lissmiss Blanket

Thursday, August 27th-Micki

Sea Breeze Cover Up

Friday, August 28th-Tania

Bobble Drops Flower Granny Square

Saturday, August 29th-Silvana

Lemon Coaster

Sunday, August 31st-Jo

Melly Teddy Ragdoll Rainbow Unicorn

Look for more DAPP patterns next week as well as “A Week in Review” on Sunday. Also, if you’d like to see all of one admins selections, there will be a blog post just for that. It’ll be interesting to see what each of us gravitates towards. You can find that post HERE.

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