FATW5 – Week 21 – SoulBro

SoulBro – FATW5 by Mervi

Ohhhhhhh so close to halfway through the FATW5 CAL…… can you believe it’s been 21 weeks already????? I surely cannot!

FATW5 – Week 21 is created by a returning designer, Mervi Järvensivu, who brought us the amazing Soulmate square in FATW3, which was dedicated with love to her hero…her father…who passed away just before Christmas in 2017. This time around …. she brings us the designSoulBro for Week 21 and it proves to be another stunning piece!!!!

Mervi is a tester and translator of patterns, always in awe of how the designers work their magic using different stitches to create their beautiful designs. Her work with designers inspired her to

take a leap of faith and design something of her own, and we are truly grateful that she decided to….. as her designs are truly amazing and we cannot wait to see what she has to come in the future!!!

SoulMate FATW3 by Mervi

**** if you haven’t checked out the designs from FATW3….. May I suggest taking a quick look??? You surely won’t regret it!

And now….. the important part…..



Mervi can be found on Ravelry: HERE and hopefully one day soon we will see her on more platforms with more amazing designs!!! And I, for one, will be waiting on pins and needles with crochet hook in hand …….

Until next time…..

Happy Crocheting,


And how about some of our AMAZING tester photos?????

Kiah – top left

Tawnya – top right

Silke – bottom left

Elaine – bottom right

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