FATW5 – Week 22 – SoulSis

We are now officially at the halfway point…… Wooooooooo!!!!!!! I must say I have seen some amazing squares so far from many of our members, and I have seen some truly fantastic “friendship” interaction when questions have been asked about how to do “this”, or if “that” color works with these, and “where” do I find those. Our members are definitely our biggest asset to the CAL community!!!!

FATW5 – Week 22 brings us the second stunning square SoulSis by Mervi Järvensivu. This square lends a new twist to our CAL …. with an actual SQUARE center to the square!

And now….. the important part…..



Mervi can be found on Ravelry: HERE and hopefully one day soon we will see her on more platforms with more amazing designs!!! And I, for one, will be waiting on pins and needles with crochet hook in hand …….

Until next time…..

Happy Crocheting,


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