DOGGHAN – Week 20

And here we are….. doggonit…. the final week of the DOGGHAN CAL! You should have already added your single crochet rounds to your squares and rectangles….. which you will find the video for that HERE just in case you haven’t completed that yet….. and of course you needed to join the squares …. which can be found HERE.

And then….. THE BORDER!!! The border used for the DOGGHAN is the same border used for the CATGHAN – the Polka Dot Border – which can be found as a tutorial video for the CATGHAN as created by Juliann HERE. It uses a combination of Moss stitch, a “set up round” and then the POLKA DOT BORDER (original pattern by Moogly Blog, available for free). Juliann has made a fabulous photo tutorial on her blog which you can find HERE.

*****Be sure to note that you will be using a larger hook for the border: size K*****


Video Link:

Please be sure to share your progress in the EVENTand to our main Facebook Group Newsfeed as well as using the hashtag #dogghancal2020 so we can follow along with your progress on Instagram and Twitter as well!

Julianne Winter can be found at these links on social media:

And what a perfect time to finish this blanket up….. the Dog Days of summer are among us here in the US….. and soon the cool nights of Fall will be here….. calling for a cozy blanket of our favorite canine friends to cuddle under!

Happy Crocheting,



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