Meadow Star CAL

Quite some time ago CAL – Crochet A Long hosted a Tunisian Crochet Along by Marjolein “Muis” Kooiman. The Star Blanket of Muis (you can find this pattern HERE) was quite popular in the group as it is an Entrelac design and didn’t require a long Tunisian crochet hook. We watched as blankets grew from one tiny center square to bed sized blankets….. and we were so very pleased that so many members were trying their hand at Tunisian Crochet techniques!!! If you haven’t seen this blanket, or have seen it and have it on your “to do list”….. we have the perfect CAL for you to try your hand at….. the Meadow Star CAL. This blanket is similar in design to the Star of Muis, yet is a new design that is truly just as stunning and will be as easily worked as the “first Star blanket” and is also an Entrelac design; however, this design is Entrelac in the Round! You will find that the Meadows Star CAL has video tutorials by Tania Leis of HookedbyTJ to accompany the step by step photo tutorial in the pattern. This design, being an Entrelac in the Round design, allows the crocheter to use a “normal” crochet hook, as did the Starblanket of Muis, and not have to order in an Afghan/Tunisian hook….. so I do hope we will see members try this technique for this CAL! Be sure to pop over to Muis Creations Blog and find have a look around!!!!

StarBlanket of Muis

Marjolein’s friend Annemiek Bazen asked her to design another Tunisian Entrelac blanket (so she could test it like she did the first StarBlanket lol). Being up for a new challenge, Marjolein was happy to oblige…. with one small problem…. TIME! A day only has 24 hours and I had several other projects running. So, I asked her if she was willing to crochet the blanket for me and provide the photos for every round. I am so grateful that she accepted.” And with that, the time issue was solved and another Tunisian CAL was born!

Annemiek has chosen the name of the blanket to reflect the love shared between herself and Marjolein for camping (Meadows) and the fact that she kept calling the design “second star blanket”. So, we say: Welcome to the Meadow Star CAL (Crochet Along)!

So now to the information you need to be able to create this beautiful Tunisian in the Round blanket Meadow Star CAL:


  • Hook – 1 to 3 sizes larger then the required hook on the yarn label
  • Yarn: 6 colors: light and dark shade of 3 colors – approximately 2100 meters (chart below shows suggested dk yarn requirements)
  • *amounts listed for dk yarn weight.
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers
  • Yarn needle

Release Dates: 7 parts

  • Part 3: October 19
  • Part 4: October 26
  • Part 5: November 2
  • Part 6: November 9
  • Part 7: November 16

Now is the time to dive into your stash….. or find a yarn store to choose your yarn, and grab a copy of the INTRO – HERE. Gather all your supplies up and be ready to learn how to work Entrelac Tunisian in the Round!!! You don’t want to miss out on this CAL as the photo tutorial and tutorial videos make it a snap to learn this technique!!!

Be sure to check out all of the amazing designs by Marjolein such as her stunning team effort: MarKiDini CAL (a 72 square blanket combining Tunisian crochet cables, motifs, repeated stitch patterns and a beautiful join creating a “quilt” type blanket in the end). You can also find this CAL on our blog….. HERE with the links to all the video tutorials included!

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting,


p.s. how about some tester blankets for color inspiration!?!?!?

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