FATW5 – Week 24 – Tracks of Time

Tracks of Time – Week 24 of FATW5 was designed by one of our very own CAL – Crochet A Long moderators….. Micki Devlin, also the creator behind Mim’s Designs. If you recall recently we had a beautiful Tunisian CAL – Aztec Dreams, which is one of the creations Micki has shared with the crochet community as a FREE CAL. And then of course there is the FATW3 square, A Stitch In Time, that is a lovely textured 12″ square that can be made as part of the previous FATWs, used in conjunction with the squares of this current FATW, or can be used in any blanket that uses 12″ squares. And we can’t forget the Twisted Dreams Sweater CAL, and what better time of year to be reminded of this amazing “sweater/poncho/shawl” then the beginning of the fall season and time to stay snuggled up and warm!

Micki is an avid crochet and knitter whom designs everything from blankets to ponchos and everything in between. She has been a tester in the crochet and knitting world for years and has not only designed numerous patterns, but has tested hundreds of patterns for designers to help bring flawless instructions to our community. She does all of this in her spare time, while being a wife and a mother to 4 fabulous children….. and finding the time to teach all of her children the hand crafts she loves so dearly, passing along the love of them to the next generation! How she finds the “spare” time to create all of these pieces is beyond me….. but hats off to her for an amazing job over the last several years!!!

Tracks of Time was created as a memoriam to her Grandfathers. Both worked with trains, one working on the tracks, the other a Roundhouse Master, in charge of turning the trains. The design of the square depicts the tracks around the center “roundhouse“. Special memories of weekends with her Grandfathers brought this design to life….. and presents us with a stunning piece to create!

And now….. the important part…..


Video Link:

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4 thoughts on “FATW5 – Week 24 – Tracks of Time

  1. On round 18, the pattern says (hdc , ch2, 2hdc) but in the video it shows (hdc, ch2, hdc), which is right? When I get to end 19 my count is off so I’m thinking the pattern is right? Please help!! Thank you


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