FATW5 – Week 25 – HEARTS FOR ZELNA 💗💗💗

This week we have had an unforeseen issue arise and will not be releasing a new design. We do apologize to our members for the inconvenience, and will be back on track next week!

For now…. you can use this convenient list of links to access the previous squares for this CAL and the Extra Rounds for that specific square. If you haven’t added your extra rounds …. now is the perfect time to do so! **remember you must add the 3 extra rounds to have the correct stitch count for the join/border of this CAL**

As you may have seen in other Facebook Groups, on other blogs or heard from friends….. the crochet community has lost an amazingly talented designer …. Zelna Olivier of Zooty Owl has passed away. We would love to share a piece of her work throughout the crochet community, perhaps you may share it in our Facebook Group, or on your personal page or both. You can find many of her patterns on her Ravelry HERE …. but we would love to share this particular pattern to create a heart and send some love and thoughts to her family and friends…..

Scroll to the bottom of this post and find more hearts created by the Admin and Testers for CAL – Crochet A Long…..

Week 1: Thistle – Valerie Bracegirdle

Week 2: Highland Sunburst – Valerie Bracegirdle

Week 3: Angelique – Helen Shrimpton

Week 4: Desert Flower – Ana Morais Soares

Week 5: Miosotis – Ana Morais Soares

Week 6: Muizenberg Square – Lana Ignjatovic

Week 7: Protea and Fynbos – Lana Ignjatovic

Week 8: Popcorn Explosion – Kathryn Middleton

Week 9: I Don’t Do Simple – Kathryn Middleton

Week 10: Porohita, Tapawhā, Pīwakawaka – Jenness Fulton

Week 11: Nacatole – Silvana Tabacchi

Week 12: Seacrest – Silvana Tabacchi

Week 13: I ❤️ FATW5 – Rosina Plane

Week 14:

Week 15: Tucson – Jessica Wifall

Week 16: It’s Complicated – Haakplein

Week 17: Windmill – Haakplein

Week 18: Equinox – Rachele Carmona

Week 19: Runway – Rachele Carmona

Week 20: X Square – Sarit Grinberg

Week 21: SoulBro – Mervi Järvensivu

  • Week 22: SoulSis – Mervi Järvensivu
  • Week 23: Fall Friendship – Julianne Winter

    Week 24: Tracks of Time – Micki Devlin

    More photos can be seen in our Facebook Album HERE and you may add yours to our treasured collection….

    We cannot wait to see you back here next week for an amazing design that will absolutely amaze your creative minds and make your heart SING! 🎶

    Until next time…….

    Happy Crocheting,

    Jo💗 and the CAL – Crochet A Long ADMIN TEAM and TESTING TEAM


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