Autumn Walk by Ophelia Talks


I would like to introduce you to Anja Thys from Ophelia Talks!!! I found her YouTube channel while trying to find something to watch/listen to as I made a shawl….my new favorite thing to crochet! ***Here*** is the video that caught my attention. You’ll definitely want to watch it because not only is there a beautiful Afghan featured in the video, it’s also a CAL that you’ll just HAVE to make with a very endearing story to go along with it AND, if that wasn’t enough, Anja is wearing a beautiful shawl that I just couldn’t stop thinking about. More on that later…..

Each week Anja releases 2 brand new videos and a live chat on Sunday evening (UK time). The live chat is such great company as you are crocheting and I’ve never watched live yet…..I’m setting an alarm for this Sunday though! She’s got a cup of tea, sometimes some yummy food and usually some crochet project she’s working on. You sit and chat and crochet together. Plus you get to learn more about her, find out what she’s been up to during the week and what’s on her hook! Bonus….she’s got a beautiful kitty that loves to make an appearance and sits on her lap for a little cat nap. She’s just purrrfect 🐱! She’s fun and funny and has such a nice way about her. You are sure to enjoy her chats as much as I do!

She learned to crochet in school. She did learn, and usually did her “crochet homework” right after school on Friday’s so she would get it out of the way and not have to think about it again till Monday, but she really didn’t enjoy it much. LOL! She might have even gotten some help with the homework from a family member too……. shhhh, I’ll never tell. 😉 But after she learned, she put her hooks away for long while. Thankfully she rediscovered crochet as an adult and now loves it!!! And we are able to enjoy her designs!

The picture above is a dress that Anja has made…..BY HAND, sewing it together with needle and thread, for a Mediaeval Reenactment Society she belonged to. Interestingly enough she joined the society to keep up her archery skills!!! In having watched a number of her Sunday live videos I learned that she pieced together the outfit especially for the photo shoot for the Autumn Walk CAL pictures! She even made the button holes by hand…..she shows close up pictures, a very interesting and tedious process, I’m sure. And now the best part, the shawl she’s wearing….. here is the “must watch video” and “must make” wearable! She designed and crocheted the shawl in a day!! Started it one evening and finished the rest of it the next day. No house cleaning or cooking was done during the making of this shawl, but that’s ok. She was on a very tight time table. 😉 But now she has a beautiful shawl to wear in the woods on her next walk. And we have a pattern and video to follow to make one of our own. I can’t wait to make mine!


The Afghan featured in the above picture is called Autumn Walk and it’s dedicated to her grandfather and the walks they used to take together in the woods. The colors of the Afghan will fit right into the fall decor at your house because they are so warm and inviting. She’s selected the colors very carefully so as to recreate, in crochet and colors, the walks she’d take with Grandpa Frans, representing all the treasures she’d find in the woods along the way.

******Part 1 – Pine Trees

Ohhhhh!!!!! I am so excited to be starting this CAL!!! Part 1 has been released. Be sure to pop over to Ophelia TALKS blog and have a look at the story behind the blanket, and then of course the reason for Part 1 – Pine Trees. And don’t forget that there is also a VIDEO!!!! You can find the YouTube video tutorial by Anja for Part 1 HERE.

And do be sure to share your color selections and progress photos to our Facebook Group which you can find HERE. We absolutely love to see our newsfeed filled with colorful photos of your projects!!!!

******Part 2 – Collecting Leaves

Hooray!!! Part 2 is finally here! I can’t wait to get started! I’m a tad behind as my yarn arrived Friday while I was away for the weekend. I’m halfway through part 1 and I haven’t spotted the fox just yet. I think he’s behind one of the next trees!

Below, please find the links for the autumn leaves pattern as well as a very helpful guide to YouTube and CAL’s on Anja’s Sunday live chat AND the bonus pattern from last week!

So much to do! I hope you are enjoying the journey as much as I am! ❤️

Part 2 Written pattern

Part 2 Video

Ophelia Talks Live chat Survival guide to YouTube and CAL’S



The Autumn Walk CAL will start on Wednesday, October 14th, which was her Grandpa’s birthday. I’m happy to announce that CAL – Crochet A Long is lucky enough to be co-hosting it!!!! The written pattern can be found on her blog and an accompanying video, which can be found here, will be on her YouTube channel, Ophelia Talks. The weekly pattern and video release will be at 6pm UK time each Wednesday, for a total of 6 weeks. And there will be an ADDITIONAL video on Friday’s that you WON’T want to miss!!! She’s told me all about it, but…..I’ve been sworn to secrecy…..😉 I’d love to tell you, but a promise is a promise❤️…..just watch for the Friday videos, trust me. 😉

Anja is also selling yarn packs for the CAL on her blog here. If you are interested, head over there and purchase a pack. There’s still plenty of time to receive it by mail. I know mine is on the way and I can’t wait to see and feel the wonderful, squishy autumnal colored yarn!

You will find a written introduction to the CAL here, a lookbook video here, and an Information video here.




Facebook Page

Facebook Group



I hope you have as much fun as I have getting to know Anja. And while you may not be as fortunate as I was to speak with her at length on the phone, you will definitely make a new friend while watching her videos and partaking in her Sunday live chats. I will be posting the live link in our group tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it!! See you tomorrow! And don’t forget your tea, chocolate and crochet!


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