FATW5 – Week 26 – Zooty Owl Square 1

Have you taken the time to stop and smell the flowers or taken a break from the hustle and bustle …. just taken a moment for yourself??? Be sure to find the time today!!!

This week, and next week, are special releases for FATW5, as they will be for Zooty Owl – Zelna Olivier designs. As you may have seen in other Facebook Groups, on other blogs, and of course you have seen in our Facebook group and blog, or heard from friends….. the crochet community has lost an amazingly talented designer …. Zelna Olivier of Zooty Owl. We had the pleasure of sharing a pattern created by her to share piece of her work throughout the crochet community, #heartsforzelna was truly something wonderful…. which many you may shared in our Facebook Group, or on your personal page or both.

#heartsforzelna stitches of love and comfort…..
(You can find many of her patterns on her Ravelry HERE …. but we would love to share this particular pattern, which you can find the information about >>HERE<< to create a heart and send some love and thoughts to her family and friends…..) More photos can be seen in our Facebook Album HERE and PLEASE add yours to our treasured collection….And now we have the distinct pleasure of sharing #FATW5 – Week 26 – Zooty Owl Square 1!!!!*****important note: this pattern contains 14 rounds; however, you will only need 12 rounds to complete the design for FATW5 (The decision was made to publish the final patterns written by Zelna in their entirety, as she passed before finalizing the pattern edits to include only the 12 needed rounds.)

And now the important parts……

Downloadable Pattern:

Video Links:

And of course if you haven’t already….. SHARE THOSE FATW5 PROGRESS PHOTOS!!!!

Until next time……

Happy Crocheting,


Square 1 by Elaine

6 thoughts on “FATW5 – Week 26 – Zooty Owl Square 1

  1. Hi there,

    I see we proceeded to week 26 although there was no square for week 25? Did I missed something☺

    Kind regards,



    1. Week 25 was a “bi-week” for those that needed time to catch up on squares and extra rounds. We continued on with Week 26 as it is the 26th week of the CAL.


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