The Daisy Sampler CAL by Moira Douglas from Daisyknots

Mosaic crochet seems to really have taken off lately. It is such a beautiful and unique look, yet easy to do. We are so excited to be cohosting this amazing Daisy Sampler CAL from daisyknots. Remember the Mosaic Sampler CAL from daisyknots so many people enjoyed making? Well now this is another CAL you will be sure to enjoy. As in the previous sampler, it is worked in overlay mosaic crochet. You will have the choice of three versions, bright, muted and tapestry. They are all absolutely gorgeous, so good luck if you are trying to figure on one! If you do not want to use your own colors, you have the option of ordering yarn packs too.

All details are in the introduction which has been released today, and Part 1 will be released on October 28. The CAL will be ongoing for 6 weeks, with the last part on December 2. You might even have enough time to turn it into a precious holiday gift! Video tutorials are included with the pattern, so even if you have never worked the mosaic technique before, you can give it a go by following the videos, made by Moira Douglas herself. Believe me, she worked long and hard to get them out, and she makes it very easy to follow along. Moira is a teacher, and conducts her classes from her studio in Tring, a small market town in Hertfordshire in the UK. Due to the pandemic situation, Moira has not been able to hold classes lately, but we lucked out with her having more time to work on patterns. One of them, the Santa Cruz blanket came about at the beginning of the pandemic, it has since been finished and gifted to her son and his partner, and they are happily using it every day.

Make sure you read the full introduction from daisyknots, as all of the information you will need is included there. Links are included after the photos below.

For now we can entice you with these absolutely stunning photos. Do join us on this amazing CAL.

Now that we are drooling over them, here are some very important links.

In this link below you will be able to get the files for the CAL. The pattern will be free to members, so make sure you are a member of the daisyknots Mosaic Community Facebook Group. You will have to access the files from the daisyknots Mosaic Community Facebook Group. You will find the Introduction, which has all the information you need, and includes the yarn requirements. You can get there by following this link:

daisyknots Mosaic Community

To find daisyknots on Instagram, go here:

daisyknots Instagram

Also, there is the daisyknots website, where you will find a whole beautiful world of mosaic, and some extra goodness. There are so many other patterns. For instance, the Santa Cruz, a paid pattern mentioned above can be found there, and it too is quite a beauty. The intricacy astounds me. There is always a heart-warming story behind the patterns, plus you can subscribe to the newsletter and get all up to date information emailed to you so that you will not miss out on anything, and you will get to know Moira better. She is great!

daisyknots website

You can always check out her first CAL that we co-hosted, which was the Mosaic Sampler. It was extremely popular and we still see new ones cropping. All spectacular, no matter the colourway! In fact, you can start to practice with that one while you are waiting for this new one to begin.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s progress pictures along the way! Please do share to our Facebook Group – CAL – Crochet A Long.

and any of the daisyknots sites.

Stay tuned for Part 1 on October 28th.


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