FATW5 – Week 28 – Mimosa

Week 28 of FATW5 brings us to Finland and a design by Anne Vierimaa of Anceliga Design titled “Mimosa”.

If you have been a member of CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook Group for a while, you will recognize Anne’s name as we have co-hosted a few of her previous CALs. Keep on Blooming CAL and Garden of Dreams CAL are stunning floral creations that showcase the talent for designing that Anne possesses. You may also find her name familiar from the Kalevala CAL (or as it fondly became known “Dirty sock guy CAL” as we were all enamored by the very attractive model 😂), where she not only contributed 2 squares – (Ahto – Ahto, king of all waters AND Kantele – harp) and a Bonus square (Pohjolan väki) – but also designed the amazing logo for the CAL! The Mimosa Shawl CAL is a stunning shawl that uses part of the same stitch design as this Mimosa square. You can find many more beautiful designs on Anne’s blog and Ravelry Page (with 31 designs available – some paid AND many free patterns)…… from the Friends CAL, a lovely shawl designed in conjunction with Mervi Järvensivu, to the Anceliga Slippers and everything in between!

Kalevala CAL logo

Kalevala CAL squares

Keep on Blooming CAL – top right, Garden of Dreams CAL – center photos top and bottom, Friends CAL – top right, Mimosa Shawl – bottom left, Anceliga Slippers – bottom right

And still to come…. June 2020 – The Gerbera Rug CAL…. a total of 4 parts which will be released over the course of 2 weeks starting June 12, 2020.

And now….. the important part!!!!

Pattern Link:

Video Links:

Anne can be found on Social Media at the following links:

Be sure to pop over to Anceliga Design and have a look around!!!

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting,


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