Lazy Cables Pocket Shawl GIVEAWAY!!!!

Who is ready for a FREE pattern???? I’m sure every single one of you would like a chance to win the pattern for this upcoming CAL….. so let’s have a GIVEAWAY shall we????? Kathy Lutz, designer of this amazingly easy yet elegant shawl – the Lazy Cables Pocket Shawl CAL – has given us 10 FREE PATTERNS.

Now don’t miss out on the second half of the GIVEAWAY – for the remaining 5 FREE patterns to be given to our friends on the same side of the world as me….. when it is yet AGAIN – SATURDAY, October 24, 2020!!! 😂

The GIVEAWAY POST can be found HERE.


  • Scrambler 1: ELEGANT SHAWL / Mo Moore
  • Scrambler 2: SPECIAL STASH / Véronique Lepage
  • Scrambler 3: PANDEMIC / Amy Locke
  • Scrambler 4: HAPPY CROCHETING / Michelle-Shelley Hurle
  • Scrambler 5: PASSION FOR CROCHET / Elaine Schrock


  • Scrambler #1: LAZY CABLES / Debby Bergin
  • Scrambler #2: FALL SEASON IS SHAWL SEASON / Kristine Kent
  • Scrambler #3: Pocket Shawl / Tokkie Diamond
  • Scrambler #4: crochet something for ourselves / Vicki Harding
  • Scrambler #5: super soft, cozy, squishy yarn / Kristina Schaeffer

So let’s talk specifics of how this giveaway shall be done…..

We have decided to make this fair for as many time zones around the world as possible. We will be holding 2 separate giveaways. The giveaway for the members who live on the other side of the globe from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, India, etc., will start at 2pm EST tomorrow, Friday, October 23, 2020, which IF I figured it out properly – is 8am, Saturday, October 24, 2020 local time. Fingers crossed I got it all correct!!!

The second give away will begin at 8am EST on Saturday, October 24, 2020, local time for the United States and those countries on this side of the world…. Canada, Mexico….. you get the idea. Lol

So now….. how do you win????? Well….. here’s the fun part. There will be a post in the CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook Group (which you will be able to find in the announcements) that will give the link to the blog article you must use. The post will also include the schedule for what time to check the blog for the clues. In the blog article you will find scrambled words/phrases that you will need to unscramble and be the first to answer in the comments on the post in our Facebook Group. There will be 5 separate words/phrases, 1 “clue” for each scheduled time …. which you will find on the Post in the announcements in the group……

The contest should only be played on the appropriate date. This means that YOUR local time must be SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2020….. please be respectful and certain that you are only playing during the appropriate time so that everyone has a fair chance to win!!!

We can’t wait to give this new Giveaway a try….. so that everyone has a fair chance at wining…. instead of half of the world being asleep to awake to a completed contest with winners announced!!!

Be sure to check back when your clock says: 8am, Saturday, October 24, 2020……

Until then……

Happy Crocheting,


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