FATW5 – Week 29 – Snow Star

Snow Star in 6 colors by Anne Vierimaa

Week 29….. wow! How time flies!!!!! We have a second design by Anne Vierimaa of Anceliga Design titled Snow Star. This pattern is written for 1 color OR 6…. and it tells you how to start each round depending on if you are changing colors or not ….. how awesome is that?!?!? She has taken the guess work out of where to start the next round and exactly how.

Snow Star in 1 color by Anne Vierimaa

And now for the important parts:

Pattern Link: HERE

Video Links:

Anne can be found on Social Media at the following links:

And don’t forget….. Anne has an upcoming CAL in June 2020!!!

The Gerbera Rug CAL…. a total of 4 parts which will be released over the course of 2 weeks starting June 12, 2020

Until next time…..

Happy Crocheting,


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