Meadow Star CAL – Part 6

Part 6 of the Meadow Star CAL is here….. and it’s a square! One more part next week and then it’s a BLANKET!!!

Release Dates: 7 parts

INTRO: September 21

And don’t forget that Tania Leis of HookedbyTJ has created AMAZING tutorial videos for this CAL as well!!! These can be found on her YouTube channel >>HERE<< and the link that is included in each weeks release!

This weeks videos:

  • Part 6 – right handed: HERE
  • Part 6 – left handed: HERE
  • Part 5 – right handed: HERE
  • Part 5 – left handed: HERE
  • Part 4 – right handed: HERE
  • Part 4 – left handed: HERE
  • Part 3 – right handed: HERE
  • Part 3 – left handed: HERE 
  • Part 2 – right handed: HERE
  • Part 2 – left handed: HERE
  • Color changing: HERE
  • Under/over technique: HERE

Be sure to share your photos. We love watching your progress and seeing your color choices…..

Until next time….

Happy Crocheting,



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