Meadow Star CAL – Part 7.1

This week we first off have a SNEEK PEAK!!! Next week there will be an optional border done in the Tunisian in the Round technique. It is a beautiful creation and you may choose to wait for that release instead of choosing the Standard Crochet and Honeycomb Border options that are available this week. Be sure to have a look at the photos to make your decision!

Titr Border SNEEK Peak
Titr SNEEK Peak

And now…. this week! You have an been given 2 border options this week. One in Standard Crochet……

Standard Crochet Border

And then the other border is a Honeycomb Border with mitered corners ……

Honeycomb Border with mitered corners

Now comes the hard part….. YOU have to choose!!!!! Will it be standard crochet, Tunisian crochet or Tunisian in the Round crochet??????

Release Dates: 7 parts

INTRO: September 21

And don’t forget that Tania Leis of HookedbyTJ has created AMAZING tutorial videos for this CAL as well!!! These can be found on her YouTube channel >>HERE<< and the link that is included in each weeks release!

This weeks videos:

  • Mitered Corners: HERE
  • Mitered Corners (left hand): HERE
  • Tunisian Purl Stitch: HERE
  • Tunisian Purl Stitch (left hand): HERE
  • Tunisian Knit Stitch: HERE
  • Tunisian Knit Stitch (left hand): HERE
  • Tunisian Reverse Stitch: HERE
  • Tunisian Reverse Stitch (left hand): HERE
  • Part 6 – right handed: HERE
  • Part 6 – left handed: HERE
  • Part 5 – right handed: HERE
  • Part 5 – left handed: HERE
  • Part 4 – right handed: HERE
  • Part 4 – left handed: HERE
  • Part 3 – right handed: HERE
  • Part 3 – left handed: HERE 
  • Part 2 – right handed: HERE
  • Part 2 – left handed: HERE
  • Color changing: HERE
  • Under/over technique: HERE

Be sure to share your photos. We love watching your progress and seeing your color choices…..

Until next time….

Happy Crocheting,


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