FATW5 – Week 32 – BELOVED

This is Week 32 of the FATW5 CAL….. can you believe it? Seems like we just started this the other day….. yet this project has been underway for 8 months!!!! Many have asked for a full blanket reveal….. and we shall be sharing that in the upcoming weeks….. so keep your eyes open….. you never know when we will share that!!!

Beloved by Carolyn Christmas of Pink Mambo

And now…. BELOVED, a beautiful square by Carolyn Christmas who is the designer behind Pink Mambo. She has been designing for many years and has so many amazing designs. Be sure to pop over to her blog and have a read and then go browse her patterns on either Etsy or Ravelry or LoveCrafts. Carolyn believes that crochet is not just to create pretty things, but to create community and be mindful to celebrate the good (and the bad) in our lives. When you grab your yarn and hook today….. remember that crochet has brought you all together and made this amazing CAL – Crochet A Long community (and so many others….) as you stitch this stunning design!

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