FATW5 – Week 36 – CALYTRIX

This week we are pleased to present CALYTRIX by Kogi Naidoo of Creative Kogi. Kogi named her blog “Creative Kogi” not as a claim to being creative, but more as an inspiration to BE creative. She hopes to be creative through crafts and in doing so inspire others to be creative as well. And the she has certainly inspired me with her creativity in this square!

Calytrix – Starflower

Calytrix is the name of a small star shaped flower…. which resembles the center of this week’s design.

This week you can find the CALYTRIX Pattern – HERE. And Kogi has created a video tutorial for her design which you can find HERE.

You can follow along with Kogi’s crochet journey on her website HERE. You will find that like most of us, Kogi learned how to crochet with the tried and true “Granny Square” method. You know….. the one where it’s all you can do so you make so many that you just can’t stand it so you have to learn something new!!! 😂😂😂 and thank goodness she did! She has designed some beautiful pieces which you can find HERE. You can also find her at the following Social Media:

And she also has her own Facebook Crochet Group – Creative Kogi Crochet and Knitting Patterns.

Be sure to share your photos with us in our Facebook Group – CAL – Crochet A Long! We absolutely love to see your progress!!!

Until next time…..

Happy Crocheting,


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