FATW5 – Week 37 – Moana

This week we have a stop in New Zealand, for a repeat FATW designer….. Patrina Hollis. If you were with us for FATW3, then you will recognize her work…. she designed The Puna Aio (pool of tranquility) for our CAL last go ‘round. If you have been with us a bit longer then that….. you may recognize her work from her stunning New V-Land Scarf, designed for our Scarf Competition where she placed FIRST!!!!

New V-Land Scarf and Te Puna Aio Square

Patrina, like so many of us as well, learned to crochet from a very patient Mum …. doing a Granny Square….. sound familiar????? I know it does for many of our FATW designers, and myself, and ….. just about everyone I know! Lol 😂 thankfully she continued on and has been crocheting more intricate designs since. And as an added side note….. Patrina has a shawl in testing that will be making its way to our Facebook Group CAL – Crochet A Long, in the not too distant future….. A sneak peek? Is that what I heard run through your mind????? Well of course!!!!!

Anahera Shawl Sneak Peek – coming soon……

And then we may be privileged to see some amazing crochet designs emerge from this seriously talented lady….. she has been dabbling (not dabbling at all…. really truly doing amazing things!!!!) with Traditional Maori weaving. She has had her pieces shown in a “Showcase of Traditional and Contemporary Woven Flax and Fibre Artworks” this last November. And then I spied a Facebook post….. and I see she is crocheting fabric to look like this weaving!!!! I am so excited and cannot wait to see the outcome and I hope this little “kick in the bum” gets it going….. 😂😂😂

Patrina Hollis exhibits at Tuia
Design in the making….. nudge nudge nudge…..

And then we have the beautiful pattern for the FATW5 CAL…… Moana, designed for her grand baby.



You can find Patrina and her other designs on Ravelry: HERE

And hopefully we will see many more designs to come….. creating in such a peaceful setting must be absolutely amazing!

Patrina weaving – top / Patrina crocheting – bottom

Until next time……

Happy Crocheting,


And a special closing thought for us all to ponder…..

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