FATW5 – Week 40 – Frisian Blooming

Frisian Blooming by CAROCreated Design

Today we have a lovely square by CAROCreated Design called FRISIAN BLOOMING. Carola Herbst has been designing for a very long time…. and has designed some of the most amazing patterns I have seen! She has created everything from amigurumi to household accessories to wearables to the infamous Mandala no6 (from Baby Henry’s Designer Heirloom CAL).

Mandala no6 / Baby Henry Designer Heirloom CAL
1. Tripod Wrap / 2. MERIT Doll / 3. YLVI Doll / 4. Cathedral Window Blanket
1. Mushroom / 2. 3D Letters / 3. Macaw
1. Pincushion / 2. Case / 3. Basket / 4. Coaster

The list of patterns that you can find for CAROCreated is a staggeringly long list of stunning Overlay Crochet and Amigurumi animals and dolls…. so much pretty! Be sure to stop by and have a look at all of the available beauties!!!

CAROCreated Design Links:

And now….. the important part for TODAY….



And of course…. be sure to share your amazing photos of your square and FATW5 progress on our CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook Group! We just love to see your work!!!! 💗

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting,


Also – we have been experiencing some issues with articles “disappearing” – Extra Rounds and other blogs will be uploaded again ASAP…. please bear with us while we sort out the issues and complete these tasks 💗

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