FATW5 – Week 42 – Music Square

Iris Fait – Music Square – Tunisian option

This week we have another contribution from Iris Fait. And you have a choice! If you are a Tunisian crocheter…. you have a lovely square with border in regular crochet option….. if you have not done (or do not have the long Tunisian hook) Tunisian…. you have the option to make a lovely hdc graph square!

And next week…. is our final square….. then on to the join and then the border… and we have a surprise extra following the final border. So be sure to stick around for a few more weeks!

Standard crochet option

And now the important bits for this week:



Please make *special note* that when working the chart as a Left Handed crocheter – please be sure to work from LEFT TO RIGHT. If working as a Right Handed crocheter – please be sure to work the chart from RIGHT TO LEFT…..

Be sure to share your progress with us in our Facebook Group HERE. We so enjoy seeing your work! 

Until next time, 

Happy Crocheting,


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