Serenity Tunisian Spa Cloth – Crochet Along – Part 1

Today is the kickoff of the Serenity Tunisian Spa Cloth – Crochet Along by Carolyn Caldron of The Purple Poncho and you will not believe the fun things she has in store for all of us!!! (There’s extras on how to make soap….. I mean come on – that’s amazing!)

You can find all of the info for what you need HERE. And of course the schedule of release (a new cloth EVERY 3 days!!!!).

Part 1 – Tunisian Simple Stitch

Part 1 – HERE – starts us off with Tunisian Simple Stitch. And of course Carolyn has included videos…. so even if you haven’t tried Tunisian Crochet before…. this cal is something you will want to take a peek at and grab that Tunisian hook and give it a go! Then head for the tub for a relaxing soak with a smile of accomplishment as you scrub away with the Spa Cloth you made!!!

You can find Part 1 – HERE

Until next time…..

Happy “Tunisian” Crocheting,


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