Serenity Tunisian Spa Cloth – Crochet Along Part 2

Tunisian Knit Stitch – Part 2

Have you started your Spa Cloth collection yet? I have made Part 1 and oooooooo I am in *LOVE*! I enjoyed the video tutorial and then I truly enjoyed the relaxing bubbles and the gesture of the cloth whilst I relaxed at end of my day….. you will not regret making these amazing cloths. It’s so satisfying using them knowing it was created by your own 2 hands…..

Part 2 – HERE is available NOW….. scroll down once you have clicked this link and you will find the beautiful picture (above) I have shared and this is where you shall find the next cloth!

Carolyn Caldron of The Purple Poncho has outdone herself with this particular CAL….. I must try the “soap making” this week as well. What’s this you ask? It’s an EXTRA in the CAL posts….. pop in and have a look. And then SIGN UP for the GIVE AWAY!!!!

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting.


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