FATW5 – Week 43 – Bargello Square

Bargello by Muis

And we have made it. The journey of *squares* is complete! Today is the 42nd square of the FATW5 CAL. And as tradition holds for as many things as we can….. our final designer is Marjolein Kooiman of Muis Creations, who has some of the most amazing Tunisian crochet designs!

Left: StarBlanket of Muis | Right Top: Stacking Whirls | Right Middle: MarKiDini CAL | | Right Bottom: MeadowStar CAL |

Marjolein has created many patterns over the years which include wearables and blankets, free CAL’s and FATW squares. Be sure to stop over to her Ravelry page which you can find HERE and have a look. She also has a blog which you can find HERE, and….. she has Tutorials available HERE for those of you looking to enhance your Tunisian crochet skills….. or if you are picking up a Tunisian hook for the first time! Her patterns are also available HERE for those of you who do not choose to use Ravelry. No matter what you need to find…. you will most likely find it somewhere on the fabulous website that Marjolein has created.

FATW5 Information…..

  • This is the final square for the FATW5 CAL.
  • The Index will be updated and be all inclusive of all links needed to complete the entire collection of 42 squares.
  • The Extra Rounds will be available as individual files AND as a Compendium (please do be patient and allow until 02/11/2021 for this to be uploaded).
  • The Join, the Pre-Border, and the Border will be released over the next 3 weeks (as well as a Bonus Pattern!!).
FATW5 by Elaine
FATW5 Baby Blanket by Silke
FATW5 35 Square Blanket by Jo
FATW5 45 Square Blanket (a few repeated squares) by Tawnya

And of course when one is complete….. a new one must begin! Stay tuned for information on FATW6 – Adventures in Mosaic!!!!!

And now the important bits for TODAY:

Pattern Link: HERE

Video Links:

Be sure to share your progress with us in our Facebook Group HERE. We so enjoy seeing your work! Be sure to watch for posts regarding updates for the Index, The FATW5 Extra Round Compendium….. and the upcoming FATW6!

Until next time, 

Happy Crocheting,


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