Serenity Tunisian Spa Cloth – Crochet Along – Part 4

As we start Week 2 of this CAL……

Part 4 – HERE is available on The Purple Poncho blog. Be sure to pop over and have a look at this next installment of the Spa Cloths…… today is the Tunisian Full Stitch.

Stitch Markers by The Purple Poncho

Stitch Markers are always in short supply at my house….. I’m not sure what happens to them, but they just disappear! I think some day I will find the biggest selection of single socks, Tupperware lids and stitch markers that has ever existed!! But until then I am so pleased that Carolyn has shared this Video on how to make your own personal Stitch Markers as a bonus for this CAL!!!

Full Stitch

Part 4 – HERE is available NOW….. scroll down once you have clicked the link for Part 4 …… and again find the beautiful picture (shared above) and this is where you can find the next cloth in this cal.

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting,


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