Serenity Tunisian Spa Cloth – Crochet Along – Part 12

Today’s Spa Cloth uses the Tunisian Chain Loops Stitch. If you are just joining us – you can find the information you need >>HERE<< and all of the previous posts linked at the bottom of this post!

Part 12 – HERE is available NOW….. scroll down once you have clicked the link for Part 12 …… and you can find the same picture as shared above, and this is where you will find the next cloth in this cal…..

And the list below will take you to each of the previously released parts of this cal:

There will be 2 Giveaway prizes for this CAL – be sure to pop over to Carolyn’s blog HERE and check out exactly what and how to win the amazing prizes she has lined up! Remember….. you only have a few days left to get this done!!!

Until next time……

Happy Crocheting,


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