FATW5 – Joining

FATW5 – Elaine

And we are finally at the end…… the end of the squares, and the start of slip stitches and single crochet! And here is what you need to do…..

  • FIRST: If you have waited to add all of the Extra Rounds…. that comes first!
  • SECOND: The layout…… you will need to decide how many of your squares will be in your final blanket. And then decide where each square goes in that layout…..
  • THIRD: You then JOIN those squares (with their 48 stitches on all sides after the 3 extra rounds).
  • FOURTH: After you have joined all of your squares….. and you have a very large squar-ish shape (depending on if you have a square or rectangle 🤣), you will work the “pre-border”. This is 2 rounds of single crochet (first round bring back loop single crochet), and is included in the Join instructions.
  • AND LAST….. You are all ready for the BORDER – NEXT WEEK….. (that is of course…..if you have all of your ends woven in….)

Join: Join and PreBorder Instruction Document


And how about a little *SNEAK PEEK* of the CUSHION ….. that’s right…. if you have some extra squares that didn’t make it to your blanket…. CAL has created a special “matching” Cushion Pattern for this CAL!!!! (which can be used with ANY FATW CAL square that we have previously released!!!)

Cushion *Sneak Peek*

Be sure to share your progress with us in our Facebook Group HERE. We so enjoy seeing your work! 

FATW5 Baby Blanket – Silke

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting,


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