Winter CAL – Tunisian in the Round – Part 1

Part 1 is here!!!!! Today is the day to grab those hooks and a nice cuppa and find a cozy corner and grab that still warm printed pattern……. and let’s get started!!!!

  • Part 1, March 11: HERE
  • Part 2, March 18:
  • Part 3, March 25:
  • Part 4, April 1:
  • Part 5, April 8:
  • Part 6, April 15:
  • Part 7, April 22:
  • Part 8, April 29:
  • Part 9, May 6:

Make sure to post your progress photos….. we want to see your COLORS….. and we want to watch your blankets GROW!!!!!

Be sure to stop over to her Ravelry page which you can find HERE and have a look. She also has a blog which you can find HERE, and….. she has Tutorials available HERE for those of you looking to enhance your Tunisian crochet skills….. or if you are picking up a Tunisian hook for the first time! Her patterns are also available HERE for those of you who do not choose to use Ravelry. No matter what you need to find…. you will most likely find it somewhere on the fabulous website that Marjolein has created.

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