COMING SOON……FATW6, Adventures in Mosaic Crochet

As one FATW ends, another is in the making!!!

Our official anniversary is March 12th….our group was created March 12, 2015! I just cannot get over how much the group has grown, how much we have accomplished and what is still yet to be!!!!

Over the course of the now 6 years CAL – Crochet A Long Facebook Group has been in existence I have gotten to know and help numerous…..countless designers from all over the globe. It has been a real pleasure to have met them through Facebook and Messenger, help them with their patterns through testing and then on to advertising their CAL and/or pattern on our Group, Page and Blog!

Thanks to these friendships, I was able to have the advice and guidance from Moira Douglas from Daisyknots and Rosina Plane of Rosina Crochet. They were both extremely instrumental in helping plan the next Friends Around the World Anniversary CAL (FATW6). The maths of the planning is just beyond me so without their guidance this CAL wouldn’t be in the designing stage that it is today. So thank you so much ladies for your time, attention and patience through this process.

Now, I cannot tell you all the designers who are participating……because I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise …… but I CAN tell you that they are all lovely people, so very talented and I KNOW you will just LOVE the designs they are creating!

I also cannot tell you, or show you the designs just yet because …… well, what fun would that be? I CAN tell you that there will be many options available… could even be a “choose your own adventure” if you want it to be. What’s that you ask? You’ll just have to be patient and wait and see. But more on this later……

The idea was hatched, the planning pretty much done, and now we are awaiting all the beautiful, creative, original designs to be submitted. In the meanwhile Jo, Silvana, Silke, Tracey, Massiel and I (mostly the others, lol) will be managing things behind the scenes. Then, once we get along far enough, we will give the MAKERS the patterns and let them do what they do best, MAKE!!! 😉 This is really such a group effort and without everyone doing their share of the (sometimes heavy) lifting, none of this would be possible and the FATW CAL’s would never make it to your computer, phone or tablet screens. So with a thankful heart and much anticipation, I’ll bid you wonderful, dedicated, fun loving crocheters a good afternoon/evening. I hope this little, VERY little, sneak peek has your mind wondering what we will be making, has you thinking about yarn and colors and has you asking yourself what’s in store for us next…. and WHEN will it be time to start????!!!!

And until the next update……

Happy crocheting!


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