WISH-GHAN – Part 1

This week we have Part 1 of the Wishghan designed by Julianne Winter of Ink and Stitches. You don’t want to miss out on this super cute c2c blanket …. and of course the children’s book the characters come to life from! Whimsy and Flit have a story to tell…. and this blanket brings it to life in a whole new light!

Don’t forget that you can order your Tales of Whimsy: Book One: Wishweaver by Julianne Winter, which is available on Amazon HERE. What better way to cuddle in for the night with your little then under a blanket you crocheted…. reading a book with them/to them about those same characters!?!?!?

When you see this….. do not be alarmed – there is a reason. Yes, I know we’ve done this before…. the Dogghan and now here we are again…… but the following blurb is from Julianne and explains why:


In order to try to streamline the process for putting in your emails and unlocking the free patterns, I’ve had to switch to a new email collector.

Because of this, you may be asked to enter in your email again. Doing this will NOT enter you into the newsletter system twice.

I truly appreciate your patience.


And with that being said…… HERE WE GO!

Part 1: HERE

And I’m certain I now need my own crawler biscuits……

And don’t forget to share those photos. We love to see what’s on your hook!

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting, 


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