VIRSA – The Heritage CAL – Part 2

Today we have part 2 of the VIRSA – The Heritage CAL with these 2 squares being designed by Attiya Kashif, Kashmiri Karhai – Kashmiri Embroidery and Basketry are again, stunning representations of their intended example photographs.

Attiya is a new designer, this being her very first cal to design for….. and she has certainly shown her advanced crochet skills in this project! She has a passion for not only crochet, but also: Italian dough art, baking, reading and decoupage.

She was introduced to crochet by her cousin and took a few beginner crochet classes and was “hooked”. She was inspired by the Frida’s Flowers by Janie Crow….. making not only one full sized blanket, but also a bed runner! She has completed many other cals, honing and perfecting her skills….. and decided it was time to share those skills with the crochet community. And I, for one, am so pleased she has! You can read much more about Attiya >HERE<.

Kashmiri Embroidery

And now….. on to the important bits!



The “Mor” colorway close up photographs of these two lovely squares can be found below…….

Basketry (left) | Kashmiri Embroidery (right)

and please remember to share your photographs of your squares to our Facebook group and Instagram story….. which can be found HERE and HERE.

Tester squares for Kashmiri Embroidery
Tester squares for Basketry

…..and with that….. we will see you next week for Part 3 and the next 2 squares!!

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting,


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