VIRSA – The Heritage CAL – Part 3

This week we have Bluetiles and Mughal Architecture by Saleha Waseem of Crochet Karma. Both squares are a picture perfect representation of the photographs shared in the pattern for each design! The ingenuity of the crochet techniques in this cal are truly amazing!

If you have been with CAL – Crochet A Long for a bit, you will recognize Saleha Waseem as one of our previous cal designers…… she brought us the Jahanara Shawl Wrap CAL which was cohosted in 2020. This wrap brought us the history of the eldest daughter of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, and the beautiful stitch work designed to portray the story behind the “Most Powerful Woman” of her time……

And now for this weeks squares:

Mughal Architecture – Top | Blutiles – Bottom


Mughal Architecture- tester squares
Bluetiles – tester squares

And with that…… we will see you next week for Part 4!

Until next time…….

Happy Crocheting,


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