VIRSA – The Heritage CAL – Part 4

Part 4 of the VIRSA – the Heritage CAL is designed by Aisha Talha Paracha. The two squares designed by Aisha are: Truck Art and Ajrak.

Truck Art with “Inspiration”
Ajrak with “Inspiration”

Truck Art shares not only an amazing design, but also shares the cultural aspect of the beautiful Bedford trucks used for transporting goods in Pakistan. Ajrak are unique block printed shawls….. which are a common sight in Pakistan and has been depicted beautifully in this design.

Aisha has written up a small biography for us which you can find HERE. She has not been crocheting as a designer for very long day all and these squares show her true talent in the world of crochet!

Ajrak tester photos
Truck Art tester photos



And the “Mor” color way…….

“Mor” colorway (blue) |”Rainbow” colorway (green)

Until next time…….

Happy Crocheting,



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