WISH-GHAN – Parts 2 and 3

This week we have Parts 2 & 3 of the Wishghan designed by Julianne Winter of Ink and Stitches. You don’t want to miss out on this super cute c2c blanket …. and of course the children’s book the characters come to life from! Whimsy and Flit have a story to tell…. and this blanket brings it to life in a whole new light…… with the cutest wisp of a character in Part 3, Flit is ready and waiting!!!

Part 2 of the Wish-ghan released and shared Rolland with us. One can never have enough Rolly Polly Bugs in my opinion!!!!


And then Part 3 brings us to Flit, which amazingly enough happens to be a “what” more-so then a “who”…… Flit is a milkweed seedling or “wisp”.


Having grown up on a ranch in Montana….. I can honestly tell you that those pesky “wisps” are not always cute characters….. but for the sake of bringing us more butterflies to watch in the breeze….. I cannot honestly think of a reason not to find the gloves and pluck those weeds! Lol

Pattern Links:

And don’t forget to share those photos. We love to see what’s on your hook! 

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting, 


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