VIRSA – The Heritage CAL – Part 5

Part 5 of the VIRSA CAL is designed by Syeda Naina Sohall of Naina’s Crochet Crafts. Phulkari and Wood Art share two additional handicrafts of the Pakistani culture, completing the 10 squares for this cal. Next week we will have the very elegant lacy join and then move along the following, and last week, for the border (which is simply stunning!).

Phulkari Square
Wood Art Square
“Mor” colorway – Wood Art | Phulkari

Naina has only been crocheting for 6 years and has taken her crochet skills to a level allowing her to not only create amazing pieces…… but design these pieces as well! If you would like to read more about Naina, you can find her biography HERE. And be sure to pop over to her crochet page and have a look around – HERE.


Wood Art Tester Photos
Phulkari Tester Photos

Until next time…..

Happy Crocheting,


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