FATW6 Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Ocean Theme – The Goldfish 2 (Fish to the Right)

Another bubbly fish joins its goldfish pals today. Strip number 7 is Goldfish 2 or Fish to the Right, by Svetlana Rogatykh. We were first introduced to Svetlana’s contribution to our CAL earlier this week with the Goldfish 1 and have enjoyed watching everyone’s versions emerge. This one is another beauty and we appreciate it joining the blanket. The first one had the optional narrow border. If you like, you can incorporate it here too, but maybe wait until you see the next section and decide then.

If you have read everything in the previous post, you will have seen what an amazing and talented designer Svetlana Rogatykh is. Her talents though are beyond the world of fiber. She is also a remarkable baker. In her own words, here is something else she enjoys doing.

“I love baking gingerbread houses, which I give to my family and friends. I usually do this for Christmas and New Year. There is a candle inside the gingerbread house and magic light pours through the caramel windows. All this creates a completely magical mood, the impression that you find yourself in a fairy tale. Then we eat these houses with great pleasure.”

Seriously, these are just too exquisite for mere words. While I am sure they taste as delicious as they look, I would just want to look at them all day! Well, maybe a little bite…

Here are some more photos of Svetlana and her varied interests. Our friend in Moscow, Russia is clearly versatile.

After this strip, we will have passed the half-way point of the Ocean themed blanket. Each strip is unique in its own way and a marvel onto itself. We are very happy to see all of the participation. Here are some photos from our Makers so that you can continue to get inspired, and we look forward to seeing your photos. Yours too are inspiring!

Suzanne’s blanket is looking gorgeous!

Link to Pattern on Ravelry:

Goldfish 2

If you are not a member of the Facebook Group CAL Crochet A Long, you can request to join here and then join the event. You will be able to get to the Event if you are a member.

Facebook Group

Link to the Event if you are already a member of CAL Crochet A Long.


If you are just beginning, check out our other blog posts regarding this CAL, starting with the introduction. This is what has been released up to today in the order they are placed in the blanket:

1 – Coral by Ashlee Brotzell

2 – Starfish Sally by Lavender Cup Cottage

3 – Mosaic Crab by NotSoBorenCrochet

4 – Dancing Octopus by Not So Boren Crochet

5 – Mosaic Squid by Not So Boren Crochet

6 – The Goldfish by Svetlana Rogatykh

7 – The Goldfish 2 by Svetlana Rogatykh

Have a great weekend, see you again on Monday.


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