FATW6 – Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Ocean Theme – Sunglasses AND Zig Zag Border

You are in for a double treat today! We have arrived at Strip number 13, Mosaic Sunglasses by Ashlee Brotzell of Ashlee Brotzell Designs and the Zig Zag Border from Moira Douglas of Daisyknots! Usually when you come to the end of a project, it is a bittersweet experience. While you are happy that it is completed and didn’t end up as a WIP, it is somehow sad that the mood is over. Well, with this CAL, we are proud to say that as the first theme is over (Ocean), we do have the next theme coming up, Geometric. And then, there will be a third one! Garden. The designers were amazing with all of the patterns and we ended up with 41 strips in total! If making them all, you will be busy for quite a while (to December 9th at least) and if working from stash yarn, you may get the joy of going out again to restock, which is a thrill in itself.

First things first though. Ashlee Brotzell has designed Mosaic Sunglasses. It is the 13th and final strip for our Ocean blanket. Our vision in order placement was that if you are on the beach, by the ocean, on a beautiful sunny day, gathered with friends from far and near, you will be wearing your sunglasses. If these sunglasses could help you look through each layer of the ocean, you would first see the boats going by, carrying their anchors for when needed, dolphins would be leaping about and splashing in the waves and all the other sea creatures would be swimming below, all the way down to the ocean floor where the Coral is embedded. The Coral, which is the first strip was also designed by Ashlee Brotzell.

Regarding Mosaic Sunglasses and new patterns, Ashlee says:

“It was the middle of winter when I designed these sunglasses. I was dreaming of warmer weather. Now it is the middle of summer, and we are in a heat wave. We have also moved out of the temporary two-bedroom basement suite and are renting a house from my brother-in-law. Life has been changing quickly around here and my kids keep growing so fast (both of my daughters had their birthdays this month). I keep sane by creating new patterns and I love publishing them as soon as possible because I always have more ideas just waiting to burst out! Since posting the Mosaic Coral Strip to Ravelry at the beginning of this CAL, I have published 10 patterns! Six of them are ocean-themed baby blankets and they are pretty adorable if I do say so myself. I’ve already got another ocean-themed eBook in the works; half of the designs are crocheted and ready, but I still must draw up a few more and instead of doing that I’ve been working on my next Crochet-A-Long! My Summer Direction CAL begins tomorrow (August 20, 2021)! The two sections I’ve contributed to this FATW6 CAL (Coral and Sunglasses) include a full video walk-thru and that really gave me the push to create more videos. My Summer Direction CAL has supporting videos for every section, and since most of my designs are actually written for two techniques (overlay mosaic crochet and interlocking crochet) it added up to a LOT of videos. I thought I could get the videos done in a month, but it took me about 4 months instead! Better late than never though, and at least it is still technically summer here.”

Here are some photos of Sunglasses, by our Makers:

You will find the Mosaic Sunglasses pattern on Ashlee Brotzell’s Ravelry page:

Sunglasses Ravelry Store Link

There is also a video:

Next comes the border. If it looks familiar, that is because Moira Douglas of Daisyknots has graciously allowed us to use a section of the border from her first CAL, the Mosaic Sampler. It was so very popular, a great introduction to mosaic crochet, and turned out well no matter what type of yarn was used. Moira has been extremely helpful to us with this CAL, she was involved from the inception, helping with the choice to go with mosaic crochet for this years FATW CAL, and so much of the logistics, expertise we needed to make it work. We went to Moira Douglas for Overlay crochet questions, and Rosina Plane for Inset (more on her at a later time). Without this joint venture, things would not have taken off as well. The border pattern is found at the Daisyknots site, and is free, like all of these patterns are and will remain. Not only has Moira Douglas allowed us to use this border, she has also designed a beautiful strip for another part of FATW6 – Adventures in Mosaic Crochet CAL. When we release that, we will provide a more extensive bio. For now, let’s just say that she is very talented, a teacher, and makes easy to understand videos. This is what Moira says about the border:

“On a snowy day in January 2019 I finally got round to making a small sample of mosaic crochet that one of my buddies had been telling me to try and I was utterly entranced by it. I adored the texture the simple stitches made and I could see so many possibilities with those two basic stitches and how easy it would be to teach novice crocheters to do this type of crochet.

With my design hat on I couldn’t wait to create some of my own designs and the result of those early designs Is the Mosaic Sampler CAL. The CAL crochet a long team kindly co hosted this extremely successful  CAL with me, and thousands of people have since made their own samplers and are still making them today.

The zigzag border pattern that is being released today was originally created as part of a triple border design for the Mosaic Sampler. Therefore, when the CAL Crochet A Long ladies told me they were looking for a border for their “Adventures in Mosaic Crochet CAL” I suggested using this zigzag one as I knew it would work with a variety of designs and could be adapted to work with any size of blanket.

There is a video tutorial for this border in which I explain how to adapt this pattern and work out the all important corner for any size of blanket. And, if you want the zigzag pattern pointing in the opposing direction you will find a chart for this on my website under Week 10 of the 2019 CAL.

Enjoy this part of your mosaic crochet adventures and do note, the first few of rounds of the border is very time consuming and tedious but hang in there as it is completely worth it to hide all those pesky ends and the bonus is you get such a lovely weighted border which really complements your blanket perfectly.

Have fun and enjoy.

Moira xx”

Are you ready for the full reveal! We are bursting to show you. It is amazing how it works so well with all of the patterns and frames each strip so beautifully. When your blanket is complete, there are no ends to worry about either. You can choose to do the border with the zig zag, or work it without the drop down stitches. Keep in mind that the pattern is in UK terms, but that is all well explained.

You will find the border pattern among Daisyknots other patterns by following this link:


Thank you for your participation in this CAL! We hope you enjoyed your Ocean Adventure and will come back for the next one. Personally, I now have a greater appreciation for the ocean and its creatures, and have loved how the patterns came to life. We will have no releases the week of August 23rd, but will return on the 30th of August with the first section of the Geometric theme. Thank you to all of the designers for the patterns, to all of the Makers who are still working away to fill your eyes with beauty, and to everyone on the team behind the scenes who is helping to make this CAL as successful as it is.

If you are not a member of the Facebook Group CAL – Crochet A Long, you can request to join here and then join the event. You will be able to get to the Event if you are a member.

Facebook Group

Link to the Event if you are already a member of CAL – Crochet A Long.


If you are just beginning, check out our other blog posts regarding this CAL, starting with the introduction. These are all of the strips plus the border for Ocean Theme.

1 – Coral by Ashlee Brotzell

2 – Starfish Sally by Lavender Cup Cottage

3 – Mosaic Crab by NotSoBorenCrochet

4 – Dancing Octopus by Not So Boren Crochet

5 – Mosaic Squid by Not So Boren Crochet

6 – The Goldfish by Svetlana Rogatykh

7 – The Goldfish 2 by Svetlana Rogatykh

8 – Wave 1 by Svetlana Rogarykh

9 – The Dolphin by Suzanne Lively Bore

10 – Wave 2 by Svetlana Rogatykh

11- My Anchors by Lana Ignjatovic

12 – Dragorad’s Regatta by Lana Ignjatovic

13 – Mosaic Sunglasses by Ashlee Brotzell

Zig Zag Border by Moira Douglas

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