FATW6 – Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Geometric Theme – Strip 1 – Mario by BebaBlanket

Today we begin the next theme in our Adventures in Mosaic Crochet CAL – the Geometric theme. Geometric designs are hot right now and will definitely give your home a stylish touch. They are modern and also timeless patterns that you can easily incorporate into your space. You can choose every color combination: e.g. black and white for an elegant ambience, black and one or two shades of brown for a warm and cozy ambience or many bright colors for a blanket in the nursery. They are also gender neutral so when you are looking for a pattern anyone can enjoy, look no further.

This CAL blanket will have 14 strips in all. You will work one over the other, continuously. Should you choose to have a divider between each one, you can work some rows in back loop single crochet. However, if you are using all 14 strips, it really will be quite big on its own. Even a blanket with 7 strips and a border, worked in 3 repeats, will be a nice size for a couch. You choose which strips you want to use if not all of them, your colors, and the number of times you work the pattern. Another option would be to make two blankets, the first 7 and then the next 7. As in the Ocean theme, each pattern has 51 stitches. However, the repeat itself is 48 stitches, and those are what you would do over again. You will add 2 stitches as the beginning and ending stitches plus an extra one just before the last stitch on each row. In respecting each designer, we do ask that you do not alter the patterns by changing their original look.

Check out the beautiful blanket below that was worked by one of our Makers, Suzanne. She is also one of the designers we introduced in Ocean theme. It was worked in 4 repeats, and has all 14 strips plus the Zig Zag Border from Daisyknots that was also used in Ocean theme. It measures 66″ x 96″ and is simply stunning! What an eye for color Suzanne has!

Then we have Elaine’s fantastic one. She used 4 of the patterns, and repeated them for a total of 8 sections plus a divider. She worked hers in 3 repeats across and it worked out to be 50″ x 60″ when completed. Such an elegant look! Elaine always has a wonderful way with her colors.

And now, we present the first file you have been waiting for. The lovely Mario pattern from BebaBlanket. The designer, Daiga Talentiene lives in Greece, where there is sure to be lots of inspiration with all of the beautiful architecture and mosaic tiles around. If you do not already follow her on social media, you have been missing out. There are so many gorgeous patterns to choose from, including her latest one released earlier this month, called Caramel Chocolate Cake. It is absolutely gorgeous!! Here is her bio which includes her links. Do check them out.

“My name is Daiga Talentiene and I’m a crochet enthusiast, full-time mom, Lithuanian who chose to live in hot and sunny Greece by the sea and a designer behind the BebaBlanket name. I have been crocheting for about 20 years and I’ve been creating patterns since I took a crochet hook into my hands for the first time, but only since 2018 have I started publishing them. So officially I am still fresh in the designer’s shoes :)”

I like to explore crochet abilities therefore I enjoy trying different techniques and various combinations of stitches. I love texture and shapes as well as any shade of blue and peach colors!

You can find all my created patterns at:

Ravelry https://www.ravelry.com/designers/bebablanket

Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/BebaBlanketDesigns

You are welcome to follow my creative journey on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bebablanket

and join my group on Facebook if you wish: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BebaBlanketPatterns

Our Makers at CAL Crochet Along have been busy with their color versions of the design. Each a fabulous choice. You cannot go wrong with any colorway you prefer. Whether you choose a light background or a dark background, the design stands out beautifully. We eagerly await to see what you all come up with. The pattern is well-written and easy to follow even if you are just beginning. It includes written directions as well as a chart.

Link to Pattern at BebaBlanket:


Enjoy this new adventure and stay tuned for the second one on Thursday. You are on your way to another special blanket! Don’t forget to share your photos with us.

If you are not a member of the Facebook Group CAL – Crochet A Long, you can request to join here and then join the event. You will be able to get to the Event if you are a member.

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Link to the Event if you are already a member of CAL – Crochet A Long.



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