FATW6 – Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Geometric Theme – Strip 9 – Ziggy Zaggy Inset Mosaic by Jessica Wifall

Strip 9 is the cool Ziggy Zaggy Inset Mosaic design by Jessica Wifall. This pattern is worked in the inset mosaic technique so you may want to adjust your hook size to one size smaller. If you have never worked this technique before, there is nothing to worry about. The pattern is very clear and has specific instructions on how it is done. If the name Jessica Wifall is familiar, it is because she is the one who has brought us the very popular Baby Henry’s Designer Heirloom Blanket. That CAL was hosted by CAL Crochet A Long, and so many people have thoroughly enjoyed making it. She also participated in our FATW5 CAL and gave us some beautiful square patterns; Tucson Square and Albuquerque. She also has other great patterns in the works, so be sure to check out all of her amazing patterns on Ravelry and follow her on Instagram as jessicawifall.

Tucson from FATW5

This is what Jessica says about herself:

“My grandmother taught me to crochet and knit when I was young, however, I did very little with yarn until late 2014 when I decided to crochet a hat for a Christmas exchange while grieving the loss of a family member. Then I decided to crochet a blanket and from there it became my primary hobby. I like to create things and enjoy the seeing a project come together into a finished piece. The laundry will have to be done again tomorrow, dinner will just be more cleanup in an hour, but when I make a blanket, someone will hopefully treasure it forever. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful boys. In addition to crochet and knitting I enjoy painting, travel with my family, science fiction, board games, and random other arts and crafts. I was born, raised and live in Tucson Arizona. I also received my degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!). Here are a few fun bits of trivia about Tucson: – Tucson is in the Sonoran Desert and surrounded by mountains. Thousands of saguaro cacti grow in and around the Tucson area. – Tucson is a UNESCO city of Gastronomy one of only 38 in the world and 2 in the U.S. It is also home to El Charro Café one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in the United States. Their roof dried carne seca is delicious. – The University of Arizona first opened for classes in 1891 and was ahead of it’s time in allowing women to study medicine in the 1890’s well before most major universities allowed women this right. – Tucson is considered to have the 3rd cleanest air of any city in the United States. In the 1960’s many people with Asthma were encouraged to move to Tucson, including my grandparents.”

Makers pics:

Here is Link to Ziggy Zaggy Mosaic Panel on Ravelry:


If you are not a member of the Facebook Group CAL – Crochet A Long, you can request to join here and then join the event. You will be able to get to the Event if you are a member. Do continue to share your photos. We are loving all of the beautiful blankets you are sharing. What amazing color choices out there!

Facebook Group

Link to the Event if you are already a member of CAL – Crochet A Long.


So far with this theme we have:

1 – Mario by BebaBlanket

2 – Amulet by Crochet Karma Designs

3 – Cranberry Crush by Cindy’s Crochet Designs

4 – Fair Isle Mosaic by Crochet Société

5 – The Graff-Diamond by Annamaria Joubert-Esterhuizen

6 – Ancient Tiles by One Skein of Love

7 – Yildiz by Crochet Karma

The Zig Zag Border by Daisyknots

8 – Endeavor by Adré Doidge

9 – Ziggy Zaggy by Jessica Wifall

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