FATW6 – Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Geometric Theme – Strip 10 – Be There or Be Square by Lavender Cup Cottage

With this Strip 10, Be There or Be Square, we meet Lynette Kosar of Lavender Cup Cottage again. If you worked the Ocean theme blanket, you will recall the adorable Starfish Sally that she designed for our CAL. This new strip is pretty cool too, with a sort of retro look to it. The pattern is in Overlay Mosaic, written with great detail and includes a graph. Since we last learned about Lynette, she has moved to a new location in the world. Same country, different state. Here is an update to her bio:

“Hi Everyone! A lot has happened in my life since Starfish Sally was released for the #oceantheme #FATW6. As of last Monday I no longer live in Pennsylvania, USA. I sold my house, quit my full time, stable job and moved across the country to Colorado to pursue my dream of being a full time crochet designer and fiber artist. Wow!! It was a huge step and it took me a while to get the courage to put the plan in motion, but once I started taking the necessary steps, things started falling into place. I owe my cousin, Kim and her husband Bob, a huge thank you for letting me stay with them. I am “on vacation” and getting settled in this week, but beginning next week I will be up and running full time. I have big plans and can’t wait to get started!!!

Facebook- www.facebook.com/groups/LavenderCupCottage

Instagram- www.instagram.com/lavendercupcottage

Etsy – www.etsy.com/shop/LavenderCupCottage

Ravelry – www.ravelry.com/stores/lavender-cup-cottage

I hope you enjoy this pattern!”


Lavender Cup Cottage…….

So there you have it, a big move with a promising future. We wish her all the best on this venture and we eagerly await the new creations.

Here are the versions from our Makers. All lovely in the different colorways.

Find Pattern Link here:


If you are not a member of the Facebook Group CAL – Crochet A Long, you can request to join here and then join the event. You will be able to get to the Event if you are a member. Do continue to share your photos. We are loving all of the beautiful blankets you are sharing. A special thank you to those of you persevering with all of the strips. Whatever the size, they are all amazing.

Facebook Group

Link to the Event if you are already a member of CAL – Crochet A Long.


So far with this theme we have:

1 – Mario by BebaBlanket

2 – Amulet by Crochet Karma Designs

3 – Cranberry Crush by Cindy’s Crochet Designs

4 – Fair Isle Mosaic by Crochet Société

5 – The Graff-Diamond by Annamaria Joubert-Esterhuizen

6 – Ancient Tiles by One Skein of Love

7 – Yildiz by Crochet Karma

The Zig Zag Border by Daisyknots

8 – Endeavor by Adré Doidge

9 – Ziggy Zaggy by Jessica Wifall

10 – Be There or Be Square – Lavender Cup Cottage

Happy Crocheting! May your days be as long as you want them to be so you can get your crochet time in!


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