FATW6 – Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Garden Theme – Strip 2 – Mosaic Picket Fence by Suzanne Lively Boren

You have arrived at the garden gate. It is a picket fence leading you to the most amazing garden you have ever stepped into. Depending on the time of day you enter, the colors may change. Sometimes vibrant with the sun shining down, other times a bit subdued. A lot of life awaits, trees, flowers and fluttering, buzzing creatures. You will sit, relax and enjoy the garden party with tea, coffee and some extra goodies. Breathe deeply, gaze into the horizon and relax.

Strip 2, Mosaic Picket Fence by Suzanne Lively Boren of Not So Boren Crochet is the next section of our Garden blanket. Suzanne is the designer of some of the adorable creatures in Ocean Theme, and has now returned with this one. Her first published pattern was the sweet Mosaic Crab and we fell in love with the rest of them as well.

Suzanne comes to us from Kansas, USA, is a very busy mom of 4 and since her last release, has settled into a new home, set up a craft room, (look at how organized she is!), and worked all of these little scrap cuties to donate to The Crochet Club of Middle Georgia, shipping them out of her Kansas home. How awesome! She is also designing a unique blanket and has some squares already in the works. Looking forward to seeing that when it is released.

Now here are some strips from Makers as well as the beautiful blanket our Maker Elaine made, she started this one with Picket Fence and used some of the other upcoming strips.

Elaine’s Blanket:
Yarn : Loops & Threads Impeccable (medium 4 weight)
Hook: 5.0 mm
Charcoal 15 oz; Barley 5 oz; Misty Blue 8 oz; Green Lagoon 8 oz
Two repeats. Finished size: 35 X 50 inches

Link to Mosaic Picket Fence on Ravelry:


If you are not a member of the Facebook Group CAL – Crochet A Long, you can request to join here and then join the event. You will be able to get to the Event if you are a member. Do share your photos.


Facebook Group

Link to the Event if you are already a member of CAL – Crochet A Long.


So far for this Garden themed blanket the patterns are:

Strip 1 – Flamboyance by Lana Ignjatovivc

Strip 2 – Picket Fences by Suzanne Lively Boren

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